In unprecedented numbers, heads, teachers, support staff and parents have pleaded with the Government to recognise the reality on the ground and act.

Dai Edwards is the head of Welsh at his school in Flintshire. Over the past few years, he has seen school budgets squeezed to the point where there’s barely anything left.

For years, Westminster has failed to commit proper funding for schools across the UK. Welsh schools have lost out on £58.9m since 2015.

Because of cuts coming from Westminster, schools all over Wales are having to cut back on resources, subjects and staff.

The number of redundancies I’ve seen are unprecedented. It’s not just our teachers and TAs. We’ve been forced to cut back on curriculum too. It’s negatively impacting the children and how much support they receive.

Dai is speaking out now because every week school cuts are eroding the life chances of our young people.

In Wales, parents expect their children to be afforded every opportunity to reach their potential. But to do that, schools need proper funding.

Westminster must commit to properly funding schools in Wales and ensure they can all provide the education our children deserve.