Headteachers up and down the country have been raising the alarm for months

Jane Jenkins has been a headteacher at Moorland Primary School for 11 years. This year her school received devastating news. Moorland Primary’s budget is facing an unexpected £300,000 shortfall.

Jane isn’t alone. Headteachers all over Wales are being given a budget that just doesn’t cover school costs. 64% of schools in Wales have suffered cuts to per pupil funding from Westminster.


Every day headteachers like Jane are having to make difficult decisions – decisions about which basic supplies they can afford, and which staff will have reduced hours because there’s simply not enough money.


Not being able to give the children what they need – it’s heartbreaking. And plain wrong. It’s never been tougher than it is now. 


Nothing is more important than the future of our children and young people. If school cuts continue at this rate, more schools will be at risk of funding pressures that threaten to impact education for children in Wales.


Parents, teachers and school leaders are standing together to demand that the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond and Westminster reverse the cuts to school funding.