After years of underfunding from Westminster, schools in Wales are facing the biggest funding shortfall in a generation.

For years, Westminster has failed to commit adequate funding for schools across the UK.

As a result, 942 schools across Wales have suffered cuts to per pupil funding since 2015. Welsh schools have lost out on £58.9m since 2015.

There is a real crisis in our schools. We need parents to know what’s happening to school funding. And ensure schools are at the top of the agenda for every politician.
(Dai Edwards, Head of Welsh at Elfed High School in Buckley)

These cuts are having a devastating impact on the students of the future.

Less funding means;

  • Fewer staff and resources
  • Less individual support and attention for each child
  • Reduction in support for additional learning needs
  • Cutbacks on curriculum like arts, sports and music

Heads, teachers and school staff are doing all they can to mitigate the impact on children, but this is not sustainable. Teachers are even paying out of their own pockets for essentials like paper and pens. And it’s only going to get worse.

It’s difficult to admit, but there have even been times where we haven’t had tissue to dry children’s hands after washing.

(Gareth Hughes, Higher Level Teaching Assistant at Ysgol Bod Alaw in Colwyn Bay)

Schools in Wales urgently need proper funding to stave off a crisis and ensure they can all provide the education our children deserve.

Westminster must reverse these cuts and address the real-terms cuts schools have suffered since 2015.